Skin Care/Allergies

Skin problems are one of the most common pet ailment encountered and can be very frustrating to deal with. At my Pet's Veterinary Center, we treat a wide range of skin related problems including itchy skin,ear problems, nail issues and any kind of lesion or rashes.

 Allergies in Pets

Pets commonly have allergies like we do, but sneezing and watery eyes is actually uncommon in pets. In fact, the most common allergy symptoms include skin and ear problems. They can become allergic to different irritants like pollen, grass, dust mites, molds, chemicals, and fleabites to name a few.

Many pets also develop allergies towards dog foods. The most common dietary cause of allergy is the meat protein. A prescription hypoallergenic diet trial may be recommended if dog food allergy is suspected.

Skin condition diagnostics

Although a thorough physical exam is always the most important first step to direct us towards a skin diagnosis, tests will often help us provide the best treatment plan for your pet.

  • Skin scrapes: to identify skin mites that cause diseases like demodectic mange and sarcoptic mange.
  • Ear cytology and culture: to identify yeast and bacterial infections and be able to treat them the best we can
  • Skin cytology, culture and biopsy might be necessary to further characterize the disease we are dealing with
  • Blood Allergy testing: to test for allergies your pet may have related to the environment (pollen, grass, dust mites etc.)
  • Food Allergy elimination trials to rule out food allergies
  • Fungal cultures, especially if ringworm is suspected

 Skin condition treatments

We encourage you to contact us with any concerns regarding your pets skin. We can offer professional guidance to help you resolve the issue. Some over the counter products can be costly, ineffective and even dangerous. Taking early and appropriate actions will allow fast healing and return to comfortable and normal skin for your pet. We will advise you in the best course of action to take, or schedule an appointment if it is deemed necessary.

During your visit our highly skilled doctors will formulate a diagnostic and treatment plan. Treatment may include the latest in parasite control,therapeutic baths, oral medications, supplements, diet changes, and environmental adjustments. Additionally, we offer therapy laser, which in certain conditions,will help fight the problem and speed up the healing process.

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