Radiology (Digital X-rays)

We have digital radiography at My Pet's Veterinary Center. This allows us to get the best images possible to help our doctors diagnose problems. Our digital x-ray systems give us the capability to look at many parts of the body:

  • The chest -to evaluate the heart, lungs, and the airway
  • The abdomen - to look at all the individual organs, the kidneys, liver, spleen, and bladder among others
  • Bone structures - such as the spinal column and all the bones in the limbs
  • The oral cavity - We also can evaluate each tooth with our dental x-ray system. Here, we can find tooth root abscesses, dental fractures, bone loss, and other abnormalities in the mouth. This unit is also handy for taking x-rays on our very, very small patients (guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, etc)

With this,we are able to produce the x-rays very quickly, in most cases, while you wait.Sometimes sedation is required to obtain optimal images, and this would be discussed with you prior to doing the x-rays.

This x-ray shows a pet with bladder stones.

This pet presented with limping and licking of her foot. Can you see the broken bone?

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