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DID YOU KNOW..... MPVC offers laser therapy!

Laser therapy is a "treatment by light". Our Therapy Laser provides a pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free alternative which is used to treat a variety of arthritic conditions, injuries, wounds, numerous skin or ear problems, and pain.

Dental Health Promotion!

Pet's Need Dental Health Care TOO!

70-80% of pets have evidence of dental disease by the age of 3!

Untreated dental disease can affect your pets heart, liver and kidneys.

Sore gums and dental disease can cause your pet great discomfort.

Call to schedule a free dental assessment with one of our technicians.

Schedule a dental procedure in the month of February to receive 10% off the procedure and FREE dental x-rays, an $85 value.

We're here for your pet!
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