It's staggering to think that 1 in 3 pets who go missing never get back home! How devastating this must be to owners. Now, imagine that your pet can have a small, rice size chip implanted between his or her shoulder blades. Imagine further that there is a national database of these numbers. Well, imagine no more because micro-chipping is an option for all pets!

At My Pet's Veterinary Center we use 911PetChip. Implanting a chip is very similar to your pet receiving a vaccination. The needle is slightly larger but it does not cause pets unnecessary pain. A pet does not need anesthesia for chip implantation. There are no side effects to having a microchip. A chip has no battery or moving parts and should last twenty years, well within your pets lifetime. Once you register your pet's chip number, they are permanently in the chip registry database. Most veterinarian offices and animal shelters have chip readers enabling them to scan lost pets to help get them back home. Your responsibility as an owner is to keep your information up to date in the database.

It's that simple! Contact us if you are interested in ensuring the safety of your pet for their entire life!

Visit http://www.petmicrochiplookup.org/ for more information on microchips.

Microchips - Veterinary information february 2014 from WDDC on Vimeo.

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